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Welcome to CJB Clinical Marketing, your partner in creating and supporting the pathway towards impactful clinical marketing strategies. In the world of medicine and healthcare, clinical and pre-clinical evidence serves as the bedrock, from which valid claims are drawn and compelling value messages are crafted. These crucial considerations are not just elements; they are the guiding forces that navigate a product through the complex healthcare market.

At CJB, we know how potent and transformative these elements can be when wielded with accuracy, precision, and strategic intent. The right clinically supported claim can validate a product’s worth, differentiate it within a crowded market, shape its perceived value, and fundamentally drive its commercial success. Further, the delivery of these claims through tactically designed and carefully-worded value messages can stimulate engagement, enforce credibility, and inspire trust among healthcare professionals and consumers alike.

Regulatory affairs, intertwined as they are with these initiatives, serve as the compass that ensures safe, compliant navigation within the market landscape. With a nuanced understanding of local and global regulatory environments, we devise strategic plans to facilitate a smooth and efficient product journey from lab to market.

At CJB Clinical Marketing, we support you with dynamic, evidence-based solutions designed with the rigor of scientific accuracy and the finesse of creative marketing. Together, let’s harness the power of evidence, craft persuasive value messages, and navigate the complexities of regulatory affairs to drive successful marketing results.

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Bridging the gap between clinical operations and medical marketing.

Medical Marketing

Maintaining a critical stance despite the continuously changing market conditions.

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Eye for detail without losing sight of the complete picture.

CJB Clinical Marketing
CJB Clinical Marketing
Vuursche Dreef 42
3739 KV Hollandsche Rading
tel: +31 6 54 65 78 06
email: cbocker@cjbclinicalmarketing.nl