Field of Operation

An All-Encompassing Approach

Ingrained in the core philosophy of CJB Clinical Marketing is the belief that competence comes from broad experience and flexibility. The driving force behind our success is Ciska Janssens-Böcker, a professional who is flexible, versatile, and equipped with extensive experience spanning the medical device, cosmetic, diagnostic and pharmaceutical sectors. This breadth of experience contributes to a sharp, comprehensive approach, ensuring that client objectives are met within these multifaceted industries.

The key strength lies in being a quick learner who don’t just kickstart initiatives; we see them through completion. By exhibiting a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, we ensure that our operations are result-oriented, innovative, and capable of swiftly identifying and addressing the core issues.

When it comes to market development and pre-launch activities, we bring to the table a formidable expertise. This includes conducting KOL strategy development, laying out clinical study roadmaps, performing evidence analyses and claims development, handling product registrations, drafting regulatory and clinical documentation, and formulating and designing and executing robust medical affairs strategies.

Our areas of expertise are diverse and comprehensive, spanning across Wound Healing, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Collagen matrices, Cardiovascular, Glaucoma surgery and Diagnostics in Women’s Health. In the surgical field, we have undertaken projects related to General and Plastic Surgery, Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Repair, Hypothermia treatment, and implant Dentistry. Our capabilities extend into Oncology, Nephrology and Orthopedics, as well as Gastroenterology and Cosmetics/Skin care.

In terms of clientele, we have offered our services to an impressive portfolio of major companies including Pfizer, Roche Diagnostics, Mölnlycke Healthcare, American Medical Systems, ValueConnected, Merit Medical, Takeda Nederland, Vifor Fresenius Medical Care Renal Pharma, Physio-Control MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack, and LifeCell and Valmont. These successful engagements underscore our abilities to handle and drive key projects and consultations across a diverse range of settings and industries. At CJB Clinical Marketing, we are committed to providing comprehensive, thoughtful, and strategic clinical and regulatory solutions that extend beyond the traditional, for maximum impact and optimal investment.

CJB Clinical Marketing
CJB Clinical Marketing
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