Medical Marketing

Driving Awareness and Strategy

Medical affairs, or as it’s sometimes referred to, medical marketing, serves as an instrumental aspect of CJB’s offerings. Our mission here is to prepare your market for the introduction of your novel product or provide ongoing support for products which are already launched. This advanced expertise allows us to develop the market, establish Key Opinion Leader programs and clinical/educational programs, and create substantial product/market awareness. This aggregated approach sets the stage for smooth market access and in-market support.

Our broad range of medical marketing services can be broken down into:

Strategic Planning: We lay down the foundation by providing input for, and setting up, innovative clinical and medical affairs strategies. Our strategies encompass not only Key Opinion Leader strategies and development but also extend to setting up and conducting educational programmes for healthcare professionals and training programs.

Evidence Based Marketing: Our approach includes performing evidence gap analyses and reviews to empower, inform, and support your marketing initiatives. From identifying and creating product claims, to the creation of comprehensive medical marketing material such as designing evidence presentations, evidence summary sheets, case reports, and clinical product guidelines, we believe in a marketing strategy backed by credible evidence every step of the way.

Publication Strategy: We’re adept at developing and executing a strategic publication plan, a critical component of any successful marketing effort. Our expertise in medical writing for publications makes us a preferred partner for producing concise, accurate and compelling content.

Sales and Product Launch Support: We understand the importance of a well-informed sales force, and provide comprehensive background training to your sales teams, equipping them with all the knowledge they need to effectively sell your product.

Market Background: Identifying the standard of care and the market potential of products is instrumental in making informed strategic decisions. To foster deeper market understanding, we offer organisation and support for setting up advisory groups to solicit valuable customer feedback.

Whether it’s providing assistance for specific projects or offering ongoing support, our commitment to serve you remains unwavering at CJB Clinical Marketing.

In essence, CJB Clinical Marketing provides an all-inclusive approach. With our wealth of expertise, we don’t just prepare the market for your product, we equip your product with the strategic tools it needs to succeed in the market.

CJB Clinical Marketing
CJB Clinical Marketing
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